Use this simple budgeting technique to become financially free


Budgeting. Not exactly rocket science - but so few of us do it.

When it comes to ataining financial freedom relatively early in life, most people assume that you would have to win the lotto or establish a wildly successful business but if you study those who what achieved significant wealth in their later years, many of them will tell you that it is the simple and often overlooked craft of budgeting that made all the difference.

If you constantly say to yourself "I just don't have any extra cash at the end of the month to save or invest" then you need to start setting and maintaining a rigourous budget on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to find out where you spend your money and how you can restructure your finances to reach your desired level of savings. It may not be easy, but there are always ways to save money on a wide range of expenses and some short term pain can lead to significant long term gain.

To make life easy for you, we put together a detailed budget spreadsheet you can download and use to start you on your way.

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