5 Reasons why you should switch your Mortgage Protection cover today:

We are all always on the look-out for ways to save money - but sometimes the obvious is looking straight at us. 

Mortgage protection is one such area and many people can save piles of cash and still retain the cover that they need. 

Here are the 5 key reasons why you should switch your Mortgage Protection cover today:

1)      Anybody who took out mortgage protection during the boom years is still paying boom-time prices.

2)      Lots of people took out mortgage protection through their lender when they took out the mortgage. There could be cheaper options available that the bank didn’t tell you about.

3)      Mortgage protection costs are dropping generally as people are living longer.

4)      The EU Gender Directive – Discriminatory pricing in favour of women was outlawed in 2012. Men can now save a whopping 49% or more on the premiums if you seek a fresh quote.

Oh and finally:

5)      Switching and Saving is an easy process – you just give us in DFI Consulting a few details. We get the best quote (for the same amount of cover) and we’ll take you through any paperwork.