DFI Consulting - Better Price, Better Cover Campaign Press Release

Introducing the DFI Consulting “Better Price, Better Cover” Campaign

DFI Consulting are delighted to launch their “Better Price, Better Cover” campaign. We are encouraging all customers to have their insurance cover reviewed during February 2016 to see can they get a better price or get better cover at the same price that they are currently paying.

There has been considerable focus this year on the increasing cost of insurance. This doesn’t need to be the case and consumers can save money or improve their cover by shopping around. Many customers simply renew insurance without looking at their options or accept the first price given to them.

However there is value out there by doing some digging or talking to your broker and DFI have found that 75% of our customers can get a better price or better cover by shopping around.

Commenting on the “Better Price, Better Cover” Campaign, Director of DFI Consulting Stephen Curtis said “there has never been a better time to go and see if you can get a better policy or save some money on your existing cover. We are here to help and are delighted to offer all consumers a full free review of their existing cover during February 2016 to see can you get a better price or better cover”

Daniel Curran, Director of DFI Consulting said “Every day we meet clients who could get a better price for their insurance cover or simply get a better policy. DFI wants to make sure consumers don’t get caught with expensive restricted insurance policies”.